You Can Cut Your Oil Heating Costs

Are there any real guarantees in this world? Well, I’ll let you decide on that one. But, I do know that if you’re spending €10,000 or more annually on oil heating – we should talk.

Businesses across Ireland are switching from oil to biomass for one very good reason. Typically, you will save upwards of two thirds of your current cost of oil. And, with the Auditel cost management approach, we can help you work through an ESCO (Energy Services Company) to give 100% certainty over your heating costs for the next three years. During this period, the ESCO will install and maintain all required physical plant, provide total energy cost stability and do this with no capital outlay on your part.

After an initial no cost meeting we can present to you a simple, one page business case outlining current costs, projected costs, savings and project payback time.

Given the ever increasing costs of oil heat, is there any reason not to explore this impressive and sustainable cost saving measure? Contact us to book your free Business Health Check