About Us : Introduction

About Auditel

The Irish experts in cost management

Founded in 1994, Auditel is a network of over 200 professional consultants specialising in Cost and Purchase management consultancy. Our service was pioneered to help companies make effective and informed procurement decisions in the newly deregulated energy and communications markets.

Two decades of experience

Today, with decades’ worth of combined experience across our network, over 3,000 clients and a vastly expanded range of expertise, there are few, if any, consultancies in the Ireland or the UK better placed to help your organisation manage the cost of doing business.

Managing your business overheads

Unlike traditional cost consultants, brokers and agents, we don’t just focus on cutting prices in the short-term by switching to the supplier that offers the lowest headline price. Instead, we use a comprehensive six-step process to analyse your expenditure profile, obtain rebates against historical billing errors and manage the total long-term cost of your business overheads. This means addressing not just the figure on your bill at the end of every month, but also the value and suitability of the products and services you are buying and the hidden, indirect costs of managing your overheads.

The Auditel service is completely self-funding and by outsourcing an Auditel consultant, our clients benefit from an additional, specialist member of their management team without incurring any of the usual costs associated with in-house resources.

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A Self-funding service

Our clients want us to save them time and money, we don’t add to the financial burden of their overheads by charging upfront fees. Because we work on a no win, no fee model, our clients only pay us when, and if, we can demonstrate they’ve saved money as a result of our service.