About Us : Partner with Auditel

Tap into Auditel's expertise

Join our Partnership Programme and maximise the value of your client relationships

  • Enhance your role as a trusted advisor
  • Help your clients’ improve their profitability
  • Differentiate your organisation by adding new skills and expertise to your service portfolio
  • Maximise the fee-earning potential of your client relationships

4 Simple Steps to More Valuable Client Relationships

1. Assess the opportunity

We wouldn’t expect any professional organisation to introduce us to their clients without having had an opportunity to thoroughly investigate and test the Auditel service themselves. This is why our first client should be you.

2. Identify potential introductions and develop a marketing plan

When you have had the opportunity to experience the benefits of working with Auditel, we will help you to identify and qualify clients who could also take advantage of our outsourced expertise.

3. Introduce us to your clients

Depending on how involved you want to be with the project, you can either provide us with contact details so we can arrange an introductory meeting with your client, or you can set up the meetings for us.

4. Collect your fee

As a Partner and introducer of business to Auditel, you will be entitled to a share of our contingency fee, based on your level of involvement in the ongoing relationship we build with your client.

To discuss how Auditel can work with your organisation to maximise the value of your client relationships, call us on 01962 863915 or use our contact page.