“Looking back, I wish that I had met Auditel before now… for their assistance in managing my costs!”

Brian Bastible

Brian Bastible

Ex-Finance Director, Brian Bastible, is a member of the Auditel Cost Management Consultancy network in Ireland. Brian says: “As a Chartered Accountant and Corporate Treasurer, I bring to Auditel a wealth of different experiences gained over 25 years in audit, corporate treasury and senior operational finance roles. My clients and employers have ranged from young entrepreneurial companies to some of the world’s largest corporates.”

Other roles which Brian brings experience from include Managing Partner of Launch Ireland, a consultancy providing financial and project management, Finance Director of Innalabs and Head of Media and Communications Sector for IDA Ireland. Brian also spent 7 years with leading advertising and marketing services company, Omnicom Group.

“As a Finance Director, I have managed and implemented cost management programmes and so I understand first-hand the power of Auditel’s People, Tools, Knowledge and Process.

Looking back, I wish that I had met Auditel before now, for their assistance in managing my costs!”

In April 2015, The National Competitive Council in Ireland published a report on ‘Costs of Doing Business in Ireland 2015’. This included energy, water, waste, communications and business services. It stated that ‘Ireland cannot depend on benign currency movements or other external factors, beyond the direct influence of domestic policy makers to protect our international cost competitiveness. Such gains could be erased just as quickly as they were accrued’.

“Clearly, there is a great deal of assistance which I, and my fellow Affiliates can offer to all kinds of organisations. As pioneers of strategic cost management, we lead the way in how to reduce and manage the cost of doing business. I am really looking forward to getting the Auditel brand more established in Ireland.”