Cost Management : Accelerated Cost Management

Accelerated Cost Management

Cost management that recognises the real cost of doing business

Cost management has come a long way since the dark days of short-term cost-cutting which often left organisations in a worse state than they had been before. As contracts for those cheap introductory offers came up for renewal, clients found themselves locked in as prices shot up and the so-called cost management company that had made the recommendation was long gone.

Auditel, recognising the need for evidence-based decision-making, became the pioneers of a brand of cost management, called Total Cost of Purchase®, that is now widely recognised as the most effective method of managing costs holistically, reducing waste, and creating sustainable profit improvement.

The devil is in the detail

All areas of business expenditure are made up of direct and indirect costs. Headline prices are easy enough to pin down, but working out the underlying cost of procurement is a lot more complicated. It takes time, expertise, the right analytical tools and wide-ranging knowledge of the supplier market.

In addition, it’s vital to understand a client’s business and aspirations as well as the market sector they work in. Only then can the results of the analysis lead to recommendations that not only match an organisation’s needs, but can also go a step further and offer solutions they may not even have considered.

To achieve this Auditel has made it its mission to ensure that every facet of it’s cost management service to large and medium-sized organisations is as effective as possible in every industry sector and across all areas of business expenditure.

Auditel’s Total Cost of Purchase® process in the hands of our specially trained analysts, equipped with advanced analytical tools and supported by comprehensive knowledge systems is what we call accelerated cost management.

Together they combine to reveal an unprecedented amount of ‘hidden’ cost management data, more quickly, leading to evidence-based, tailored solutions that really are a match for each individual organisation’s needs.

Auditel’s brand of accelerated cost management combines:

  • the most effective cost management process
  • the most diverse network of highly-skilled cost management specialists
  • the most advanced analytical tools
  • the most comprehensive knowledge systems

Total Cost of Purchase

Using our proprietary Total Cost of Purchase® approach, sophisticated analytical tools and knowledge systems, Auditel’s highly skilled Consultants can save you time and money on all areas of business expenditure, reduce waste and provide ongoing, up-to-the-minute management information, giving you and your team the peace of mind to concentrate on your core business.