Cost Management : Advanced Analytical Tools

Advanced Analytical Tools

Managing your Business Costs with Auditel’s Analytical Tools

Most organisations outsource certain aspects of their operations; logistics, legal advice or design for example, but for some reason are reluctant to outsource their cost management. This is surprising when even a basic cost management audit carried out in-house without sophisticated analysis tools can quickly become an exercise in frustration and divert key resources from their strategic roles.

Time is money

Auditel has an ongoing programme of investment in the development of advanced cost management and analytical tools. Tools that are specially designed to improve our cost management services. They enable our consultants to analyse, monitor and manage all areas of business expenditure more quickly and more accurately and save organisations time and money.

Auditel’s tools fall into three main categories:

  • Client management
  • Analysis and procurement of products
  • Analysis, management and procurement of services
  • Since most of these tools are cloud-based, data is easily shared and the help or opinions of other Auditel experts sought, as and when required.

Selected benefits

Auditel’s tools offer a whole range of benefits that include:

  • Improved data-entry (up to 70% faster than other systems)
  • Improved interface between clients and suppliers
  • Competitive tenders generated in minutes
  • Automated reporting provided on-demand
  • Contract renewals monitored and managed
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Auditel – an ally, not a cost

In addition to their tools, aggregated buying power, independence and knowledge of the supplier market mean that the Auditel service, far from becoming yet another cost, usually pays for itself, over and over again by delivering highly effective and sustainable cost management solutions, time after time. By outsourcing your organisation’s cost management to Auditel, your management team will also regain the time and peace of mind to concentrate on their strategic roles.