Cost Management : Specialists in every Sector

Specialists in every sector

Auditel’s Cost Management Specialists

One of Auditel’s major strength’s is the collaborative approach which allows teams to be formed of affiliates with expertise across a broad spectrum of specialist disciplines.


Auditel has built a network of over 200 cost management consultants across the UK and Ireland. It is drawn from a wide range of management or director-level backgrounds and industry sectors. There are ex-High Street bankers and accountants, ex-FD’s, MD’s and CEO’s.


This diversity of background experience provides a potent knowledge base that helps our network of fully-trained consultants to build virtual, flexible teams with the right mix of skills to manage all areas of business expenditure for large and medium-sized organisations in almost any industry sector.


Auditel’s secure, cloud-based systems also ensure that there are no geographical boundaries that reduce the effectiveness of our cost management services, so wherever your organisation is based you will benefit from the full range of Auditel’s specialist knowledge.

Fully equipped

When you appoint an Auditel specialist to manage your business expenditure, you may only have one point of contact, but through that contact you effectively gain access to 200-plus consultants, each with their own specialism and each highly-trained and equipped with the full array of Auditel’s advanced cost management tools, cloud-based systems and Total Cost of Purchase® process.

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Auditel are not suppliers, agents or brokers and have a completely independent view of the supply chain.

Over the years, Auditel has developed excellent working relationships with suppliers, but it’s important to stress that we always sit on the client’s side of the table, helping them make informed decisions about what is best for their business.

Auditel will always place your business with the supplier that best matches your organisation’s needs. This may be the cheapest supplier, but more importantly, it will always be the company that can provide you with the best overall value.