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09 Jun 2014
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How many companies do you need to manage over one hundred business expenses?

Answer: With Auditel, you only need one!

microscope02-300x260According to Deloitte’s third biennial cost survey 2013, 76% of respondents expect their company to reduce costs over the next 24 months. However, they also found that the failure rate for cost initiatives climbed to 48%. This means that nearly half failed to achieve their goals.

Chris Allison, Managing Director of Auditel, the UK and Ireland’s leading cost management consultancy, explains, “Keeping over one hundred business expenses under control is not that simple. These days, cost, purchase and supply management is recognised as being a complex business skill.

It requires specialist training and sector specific experience, which most companies do not have available in-house. Diverting key personnel from their core roles, to managing business overheads, isn’t the best use of their time or the organisation’s money.

“Many companies are turning to outsource this discipline and over 3,700 have chosen Auditel. For the majority of our clients, one Auditel consultant is able to offer effective cost management in most expenditures. If extra help is needed, they can draw from a team of over 200 specialists and a host of market-leaders in other key sectors.”

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