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31 Aug 2012

IE July Energy Index Jumps

I’m sure it doesn’t surprise many people to know that energy costs are rising in Ireland.  The recent Bord Gais Energy Index shows that July saw the biggest jump in several months.  The index rose 8% in July to 144. Read on →

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14 Mar 2012

The Impact of US Oil Independence

The US focus on increasing it’s energy self sufficiency due to the rising level of production of gas, from sources such as shale, existing field tight gas, blended ethanol and other renewable sources will in turn impact on world oil Read on →

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21 Sep 2011

Energy – A Burning Issue

How Financial Directors can Regain Power Over Rising Energy Costs Impacting Their Organisations’ Profits Wholesale energy prices have soared in the last six months as high oil prices continue, the Middle East is uncertain and the nuclear disaster in Japan Read on →

09 Sep 2010

Paper prices rise steeply

We’ve just received an email from our stationery supplier notifying us that our contract price for 80gsm paper will be rising between 8%-12% from 1st October, with the prices of other stock going up by even more. This isn’t entirely Read on →

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13 Jul 2010

Watch your back bills

Talking to a couple of our consultants this week it’s becoming clear that all the major energy companies are keen to claw in every penny they can in these hard times, which is why they have set up teams whose Read on →

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09 Jul 2010

It pays to check your invoices

One of Consultantswas back with us for some continuing professional development training this week and while catching up on general news he happened to mention a £1,073 rebate on a gas overcharge he’s just identified for a small client. This Read on →

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01 Jul 2010

EU cap data roaming charges

New EU legislation came into force today to cap data wholesale roaming charges within Europe.  The new cap limits the amount operators can charge each other to carry customer’s data traffic while abroad, lowering the price from €1 to €0.80 Read on →

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