Energy and Communications Savings Opportunities

When we look at our energy and communications invoices, do we actually understand the make up of the account or do we just look at the invoice total and move on. We say to ourselves “I must reduce the spend on that soon”. Does that soon ever come around? Or does a supplier fall in through your door some day with this fantastic offering that you just can not refuse to take? You sign up for a twelve month contract again! And after three or four months you are looking at the invoice total again and wondering where is this “fantastic offering”? Where are those savings?

Can you ask yourself these 4 questions?

  • Do I completely understand packages and bundles on my mobile account?
  • Do I completely understand my landline charges and how to secure a package most suited to my call pattern to reduce cost?
  • Have I ever had an energy audit completed to ascertain how I would reduce my energy usage and reduce cost on my energy?
  • Do I have my energy supply tendered to suppliers to achieve the best rates available?

If you have answered no to two or more of the questions above then it is more likely that your competitors might have the edge on you in controlling their costs ! Do you really want a situation like that?

We can call to your office free of charge and we can go through what you could be missing out on and how Auditel can help you reduce your costs. This meeting is free and our fee’s are structured on shared savings so our clients are on a gain from day one.

There is no excuse to not have the best available tariffs.


Telecoms Cost Awareness – Recent Comreg survey shows both a lack of cost awareness and review process

Comreg recently published a survey of 550 businesses throughout Ireland.  This was a survey of people that are “responsible for selecting current fixed line phone provider and for deciding/managing policies around switching communications service providers”.  All 26 counties were represented with a wide range of company size from sole traders to 1000 plus employees.   The full report can be found here.

Survey Results

It comes as no surprise that companies view telecoms as vital parts of their business operations with 87% reporting that it was important for day to day functioning of their business.

What was surprising is that 43% of respondents were unable to estimate their monthly spend and most business are unable to accurately estimate the per minute cost of calls to local, mobile, national or international numbers.

But, 65% of businesses have reviewed their telecommunications provider in the last three years and 40% have made a change.  However, only 12% of companies have a formal procurement process in place with a large majority, 64%, responding only when approached by alternate suppliers.


The clear conclusions are that

1)   Companies in Ireland acknowledge that this is an admittedly vital business tool and

2)  Don’t have a clear cost management process in place or even a full understanding of the costs involved.


Telecoms are a frustratingly complex and technologically driven cost area that most companies only deal with on an infrequent, un-planned basis.  Taken together, these factors mean that outsourcing a telecoms review  will provide both a clear picture of your current costs (cost management)  and highlight potential savings (cost reduction).

Auditel’s Experience and Process

With nearly 20 years of experience and literally thousands of customers, Auditel is in a unique position to bring a vast amount of telecoms expertise to analyse your current telecoms spend.  We are totally vendor neutral and are compensated solely through a gain share approach.  The bottom line is that we will never cost you more than we save.    With minimal involvement of your employees, we first perform a comprehensive audit of your current telecoms arrangements, both mobile and land line.  We then test your current costs in the market and report those results back to you for a management decision.

Next Step

As we are compensated strictly through savings achieved, there is never any cost or fee to you for a first visit.  Do you feel it is time to take control of your telecoms spend? As one recent client said “it is all double Dutch to me, and I think they do that on purpose“